Blog About Teen Ref: A Good “No Call”

Welcome to the blog for Teen Ref!  Here you can find the latest news about the novel, leave a review, or ask a question.  Thanks for visiting!

21 March 2018- Thank you all for coming to my book release party at Buttonwood Books. I wish to especially thank our hosts Kathy, Bill, and Totsie. Thank you very much for your support!



2 thoughts on “Blog About Teen Ref: A Good “No Call”

  1. Hi Guys! It’s Caroline, the author’s daughter. I am super excited about Teen Ref!!!! It is the greatest book ever! If you get a chance to read it, please comment here and tell us about your thoughts on the book. Thanks so much and ENJOY!!!


  2. I loved this book and find myself still thinking about Drew, Claire, and Callie long after having put it down. Truly the sign of a great story! I can’t wait for the sequel!


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